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IoT HaS pairing

IoT HaS pairing protocol proposal

Last update: 13th Dec 2015

Description: Internet of Things (IoT) market requires that micro devices like sensors with a limited computation capacity and power source would be able to negotiate with an access point (AP) their entrance in a Personal Area Network (PAN). Adding such devices into a PAN should be an user-friendly action for final customers. Moreover pairing system should be secure enough for the targeting market.



Master FOSSET page

Last update: 10th Jan 2008

Description: this is my thesis page about electric gears control by real time ethernet. Alma Graduate School, Università di Bologna, Master in Free Open Source Software Technologies.



3GCAM presentation page

Last update: 19th Jun 2007

Description: Il sistema 3GCam è basato su un apparato fotografico digitale che trasmette su rete mobile 3G immagini ad alta risoluzione con formati differenti. Le apparecchiature sono adatte ad uso esterno e sono programmabili da remoto. Questo consente di utilizzare le immagini sia per scopi turistici che per i cantieri stradali e il controllo del territorio/traffico.



Virtual Tourist (street view)

First release: 24th Nov 2004

Description: Before Google Street View's 2008 debut this vTurist web application anticipated the way to navigate the streets using photos placed into a map with direction movements. The vTurist project used a mispelled tourist word in order to differentiate its name on web search engines. Officially, presented on April 2nd, 2005 at Bolzano LUG public meeting.



BusyBox patches collection

Last update: 5th Sep 2008

Description: BusyBox is the swiss army knife of embedded Linux and combines tiny versions of many common UNIX utilities into a single small executable. This is a collection patches for version which was the last one mantained by Rob Landley.



Asus Eee PC wiki page

Last update: 10th Jul 2009

Description: Una pagina wiki che tratta di un ultraportatile dal costo popolare ma anche per il fatto di avere GNU/Linux come sistema operativo di base preinstallato, il quale può essere considerato un prodotto hardware pressochè unico.



Micro GNU/Linux Embedded System

Last update: 30th Mar 2009

Description: This micro GNU/Linux embedded system project aims to integrate different open source components in order to achieve a small footprint, tiny memory and a minimalistic desktop enviroment with a fast boot time. It integrates buildroot, busybox, Xvesa server, fonts, keyboard layouts and graphic library in 14Mb firmware with a 14sec boot on Asus Eee PC 701.



Old custom patches & PoC

Last update: 21th Sep 2008

Description: This is a old custom patches collection written between 2004 and 2008 as proof-of-concept or debug-testing needs for my clients. The collection includes: various busybox and dropbear patches, a dillo patch, an openssh patch, etc.



Old C libraries collection

Last update: 18th Dec 2006

Description: This is a old libraries collection written since 2001 and updated until 2006 in C language for a varieties of programming and linux embedded projects. The collection includes: libobjmanager, libiofile, libiniparser, libsharedmem, libsocket, libmodbus.



Old software collection

Last update: 21th Jun 2004

Description: This is a old softwares collection written since 1999 and updated until 2004 mainly in C language, sometimes using GTK+ graphich libraries and mainly for my personal use or demonstration. The collection includes: Rubrica Italiana, Pilot DB, Penguins Quest, gSensor, SSH gLogin Manager.