Roberto A. Foglietta




Master FOSSET thesis

Alma Graduate School - Università di Bologna, degreed on January 10, 2008

Courses Subjects: License Models, Business Models, Project Management Tools, Networking, Italian and International Copyright and Patent Law Principles, Team Collaboration and Workgroup Tools, Software Revision Control Tools, Wiki, Applied Security Principles.

This is my master thesis page about electric gears control by real time ethernet

Wiki page collecting all the related links



RTAI kernel patches

These patches was used in order to work on my thesis with my previous notebook running Mandriva LE 2005.

Patch porting made in order to use RTAI with kernel 2.6.12.-19mdk

Patch and config for RTAI in order to work on my laptop



RTNET config and patch

RTNET config and patch developed in order to work on my laptop + develop of rtmac/nomac module in order to accomplish the communication task



Software integration

There were a time in which a man should develop its own text editor. Thanks to those men, I am able to find enough open source software to assemble my own system.

ugles: micro graphic Linux embedded system

This micro GNU/Linux embedded system project aims to integrate different open source components in order to achieve a small footprint, tiny memory and a minimalistic desktop enviroment with a fast boot time. It integrates buildroot, busybox, Xvesa server, fonts, keyboard layouts and graphic library in 14Mb firmware with a 14sec boot on Asus Eee PC 701.



Chat and socket library

The first example is based on a C++ socket library I wrote in 2002 reading a Linux Gazette article. It has been used to prepare a server-client example for my networks course exam in 2006:



XML archive utility

The second example is an XML archiving utility which has been written for (put the reference). The main file has been written in pure C Language but it has a C++ file name extension in order to force Anjuta to threat it as it would be a C++ project:

For both of these software documentation exists only in Italian language. It has been written in order to present the faced problem and the proposed solution during the exams not to be used by end users or other developers.